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Setup Cash Book

Work through the sections on the left.

Note: Due to the new version of SoEasy that is being built, the sections move to the right of the screen on the selection of a topic.

Adding Users

In the Setup screen, select the 'Security' section.

Click on a user to edit their settings and access limits.

Chart of Accounts (COA)

The COA provides a classification system for receipts and payments and also enables reporting layouts.

The 'About COA' screen will appear first. Read about the COA and then select 'Accounts'.

Select an account to edit it.

Filter button = A handy way to filter accounts with a specific name. For example filer WAG to filter all WAGES accounts.

You can also filter the COA based upon classification or report location.

Opening Bank Balances

In the Generation II version of SoEasy, you load the Bank Account (and GST/VAT) opening balances as at the beginning of the financial year, through the 'Opening Balances' section.

These opening balances will appear in the Cash Book as the Opening Balance.

You can edit these values at any time.

Note: Generation III SoEasy uses the process of loading in the previous year's Balance Sheet at the method of establishing Opening Balances.

Adding Transactions

Normally we Import our transactions from the bank's web page.

This is how to add/edit a transaction.

Account involved comes from your Chart of Accounts.

You can pull up a list by using the 'list button'

Select 'Multiple Accounts' if the transaction covers multiple account entries.

Common Chart of Account Codes =

A-MBMain Bank Account
A-SBSecond Bank Account
A-IBInvestment Bank Account
A-CCash On Hand
A-GSTRGST Received

Searching Transactions

You can use the Universal Search Bar functions to scroll through the entries.

This is particularly handy in the 'Reconcile Transactions' screen.

For other options, go into the 'Add Transactions Screen'

Select the top menu option '4. Transactions'

Options include: 'Find a Cheque' and 'Find a Transaction by its Number'

Editing Transactions

Select a transaction with your mouse.

There are two types of transaction:

1. Just a Cash Book entry. Easily edited

2. An entry form the Debtors or Creditors account.

If you need to edit such a transaction this should be edited at the Debtors Ledger and not the Cash Book. (Generation III can edit this from the Cash Book).

More instruction is available here: Managing The Debtors Ledger


Reconciling is where you make sure that SoEasy's Bank Balances are the same as your Bank Account's.

  • Choose the bank and month you are reconciling.
  • The Opening and Closing balances should be the same as your bank's
  • If not you will need to work out why there is an error.
  • The green box area on the screen above can help you work this out.
  • Also there is a 'reconciliation' function in the Import Wizard
  • Once reconciled, set the reconcile date

Importing Transactions from your Bank's Web Page

The fastest way to keep your Cash Book, Debtors Ledger, and Creditors Ledger up-to-date

Learn how to Import your Transactions here. More Information

When using the Recon Wizard, always reconcile a complete month. This includes 'up-to-today' reconciliations.


A list of Cash Book reports is viewable here.

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