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SoEasy's Database is used to store details of all contacts.


Go to Platform > Database

Quick Review

In the image below, see if you can locate the following functions:

1) Top Menu

2) Tab menu

3) Left Sidebar

4) Edit Contact

5) Add Contact

6) Universal Search Bar

7) Quick Notes

8) Email Address (click on the address and send an email)

9) Filter GROUPS

10) Invoice with showing No Profit

11) Go to the Products Register for the currently displayed supplier

12) Customers current account balance

13) Emails Sent

14) Staff button where you can load staff details

15) Date contact was loaded



Finding someone in a big database can be tricky. 

Phone numbers can help as you can search through the 'Search' button as well as other details such as email addresses:

The universal search bar is useful:

as you can also use your keyboard to manage it.

The most common search function is to hold the Shift key down for a moment and press the '?' key once.

The Key Lookup dialog will appear and by entering just a few characters of the search field name, and then press the enter key to execute the 'OK' button, the nearest matching contact will be displayed.

If it's not the right person use the right or left keyboard keys to move through the contacts until you find the person/company you are looking for.

Or you may like to use the 'List' Key which shows you an adjustable list of contacts you can scroll through. Then click the contact with your mouse and you will return to the database.

Screen Displays

There are many screen displays. The most commonly used display is the 'Database'.

A commonly reviewed display is the 'Customers' screen (for review and edit of trading terms).

Top Tabs

The Top Tabs provide quick access to specific screens:

   QUOTE + P = Show/Add/Edit quotes and display the profit

   QUOTE = Show/Add/Edit quotes but do not display the profit

   INVOICE + P = Show/Add/Edit invoices and display the profit

   INVOICE = Show/Add/Edit invoices but do not display the profit

   CREDIT NT = Show/Add/Edit a Credit Note

   RECEIPTS = Work with the customer's account

   CREDITORS = Work with a creditor's account

   PRODUCTS = Go to a suppliers products in the Product Register

   HISTORY = Show the History of Items Billed to the customer

Top Menu

The Top Menu is rarely used. It has infrequently used utilities that can be used for various functions.

Note: If using the Managed Web Services system some functions may not work at your site.


All contacts entered into the database are attached to a Group so that basic profiling is performed. This is handy for when we want to work with GROUPS of contacts.

To set up Groups, go to 'Platform > Profiling' ...

... and select the 'Groups' tab.

Some common Groups are listed above. 

We use the Group's abbreviation to refer to them when adding/editing a contact in the database:

Client, Supplier, Both

Another 'Profiling' function is the 'Client, Supplier, and Both setting.

  • A Client can be Invoiced but not be a creditor or have products
  • A Supplier can be a creditor and a supplier but not a client
  • Both can be both

Trading Terms, Non GST Customer or Overseas Supplier

You can set a contact for various settings by going to the 'Default' section of the contact dialog:

Important Details

The important customer details to gather are:

First and Last Name

Cell Phone Number

Email Address

With this information we can contact them and send invoices.

Next important are their address details.

Although Soeasy allows for two addresses to be loaded, you only need to load one.

Cash Sales

You can Add a contact at any time. Avoid creating Cash Sales Invoices. Add the contact as often as possible as this gives us a marketing asset.

Also, Cash Sales accounts (there should be none but there always seem to be someone with an outstanding balance) should be avoided. If there is going to be money owing on an invoice, add the contact and in the invoice menu, there is a 'Fix' function that allows you to assign the Cash Sales invoice to a contact in the database.

"Oh your not paying today? OK let me add you to the database and I will Fix the invoice to you. What is your name, mobile, and email address?"

Change Who Gets Billed

There are two specific parent/child relationships:

When Billing This Contact,:

  • Create the Invoice for Another Contact
  • Invoice the Contact BUT Add the Invoice to Another Contact's Statement

This feature is found under the 'Customers' Tab:


Filtering is an advanced topic and is best reviewed by watching a video.

Call Centre

SoEasy's Call Centre enables you to market to the contacts within your database.

It is a specialist module and here is a video on the subject:

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