This instruction will teach you how to import the Plumbing World price updates with the filename PWUFILE.DAT.

STEP 1: Save The File

Save the file PWUFILE.DAT to your C:\BANK Directory

STEP 2: Import the File

1. Go to the Product Register Menu

2. Select the 'Import' option

3. Select 'Import - Plumbing World'

4. You will be asked to confirm who the supplier is and then the file will be imported.

Progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You will receive a message when the import is completed. The update to the Product Register is available to everyone immediately.


There are two possible issues:

Issue 1: You don't save the file to the correct location

The file must be saved to C:\BANK

Issue 2: The file format changes

Import file structures from third party vendors sometimes change. Vendors usually notify us of such changes but if they don't, the procedure will tell you that there is an incorrect file format. Please contact support.