To create a template, 

1: Go to the Platform > Database and select 'Email Sent'.

2: At this screen you can see emails previously sent to contacts.

  • Set up Templates = next topic
  • Send an Email = You can send an email from here
  • Log provides technical details of the email send process.
  • Click on any displayed emails to see details and/or re-send

3: Select "Set up Templates"

Selecting a template will allow you to edit it.

4: Select 'Make a Template'

  • Make your template. Write details in a word document and when happy with the spelling and content, paste it over.
  • Attachments can be added. Find out More
  • SMS Text requires that you have SMS Text Credits. Find out More

Once complete, save.

5: To send an Email, just click on a contacts email address or email label

And pick the template.

Note: If you select 'Cancel' you will be shown a blank email that you can fill in

6: Complete/edit the Template to suit

Email Setting can be found here > User Settings

If you want to use attachments, they have to be set up before creating the email.

See Platform > Document Despatch

7: Multiple Staff
If a contact has multiple email addresses, set these up under 'Staff'

8: To Send Bulk Emails

See 'Document Despatch > 'Run Campaign'