When creating email templates you can also add PDF document attachments.

Rules and understandings

  1. Keep the PDF small to 1 MB or below
  2. If you are performing email marketing to a large number of people, do not add an attachment. Instead create a link to a web page or a downloadable file.
    The reason being is that
    a) It will exponentially increase the time take to send
    b) In such a big send, the attachment may be seen as a potential Internet threat and may be dropped by ISP's
    c) Diminish the results of your send
  3. If you want to send a large number of emails with attachments, do not use SoEasy. Instead learn to use MailChimp Find Out More
  4. When sending large numbers of emails, do not close SoEasy or send other emails for 10 minutes or until the 'black box' has gone.

1. Save the PDF File to your C:\BANK directory

Note: Make the file name only 8 characters long. Also see the size of our PDF. Keep files sizes as small as possible

2. Open SoEasy to Platform > Document Despatch

At this screen you can see all emails and sms text that you have sent, create templates, upload PDF's, and Run Campaigns

3. Select 'Manage PDF's"

At this screen you can edit the details of any PDF documents you have already uploaded.

4. Select 'Upload'

Any PDF file that is in the C:\BANK directory will be displayed

Select the file you wish to upload.

5. Edit the description and select OK

The PDF in now available as an attachment to Template Emails

6. Create or edit an email template

7. Once a template is created, you can quickly send an email template to anyone in your database.