Individual Emails Sent

You can view individual companies emails by selecting "Emails Sent" at the database.

All Emails

If a document has been sent from SoEasy it will be listed in the 'Document Despatch' section.

  • Go to 'All Sent' and a list of all emails sent from SoEasy will be there.
  • Use your keyboard left and right arrow keys to move through the documents.
  • You can filter the display by using the 'Key Name' button.
  • For greater analysis you can also export the list.
  • Click on a document and it will display in the original dialog. Here you can resend the text but not the attachment

Attachments take up space and so when an attachment is sent such as a quote or invoice, the attachment is removed.


1. BBC yourself into all emailed invoices:

See Cash Book > Set up > Email Settings