If you have an unruly cash book and you have not reconciled it for a while, there are a few options we can execute:

1. Clean out the Cash on Hand (COH)

COH is created when you receive various sales receipts during the day through SoEasy.

Instead of each individual EFTPOS, Cash, or Credit Card transaction appearing in the bank account, they are posted to Cash on Hand.

From here there are two processes that zero the Cash on hand:

a) An end of day transaction is entered by the user that transfers the total value of Cash on Hand to to the main bank

b) During the import of transactions from your bank's web page, the deposit will offset the day's transactions


Cash Sales$10
Cash Sales$10
Cash Sales$8
Transfer to Main Bank (at the end of the day)

This is what happens if the user reconciles each day.

However, if they are not reconciled there is a problem.

We can resolve this by using a special process that will:

a) Convert all transfers of cash from the Cash on Hand to the Main bank as Sales happening in the main bank

b) Remove all of the Cash on Hand transactions.

2. Reconcile the Main Bank

To help reconcile the Main Bank:

1. Download a QIF format file for each of the bank statement months (12 files)

2. Use the Import/Recon process to help reconcile each month of the Main Bank

3. Reconcile any Other Banks

Follow the procedure above (2) for each other bank account

NOTE: All Bank statements inside SoEasy must equal the Bank Statements from your bank.


If you require assistance to reconcile your bank statement, please contact support. Charges do apply.

Additional Information:

Import Bank Statements