After you sell your business you have several options:

Why Keep your Licence?

Most times when selling your business you may also sell them your software licence.

  1. If you have had your accountant prepare all your end of year records, you may not need a copy of your data.
  2. However the IRD can still audit you for some years to come and you may like to keep records.
  3. The ability to look up invoices and such may be important for managing future customer enquiries

So this provides two scenarios for keeping a licence: Audit or Convenience.


1: Software Self Manage

a) If you have a 32 bit operating system PC available we can install everything on to it for you for a fee of $120

b) Sell your licence of SoEasy to the new owners and buy a basic version of SoEasy which we load your data against so you can lookup Invoices and cash book transactions

2: Software Hosted

a) If you prefer to have the data hosted we have a current 'non active' management fee of $120 + gst p.a. ($10 per month) payable yearly in advance. 

In this plan we set up a hosted system on our managed servers which allows the view and management of existing data. 

For example, if you are needing to further manage the receipt of payments from clients and maintain your cash book as you conclude your business. 

You cannot use this licence to establish another business. To do so you would need to buy a new SoEasy licence or go onto one of our hosted plans.

Please contact support for more details.