You can receive your invoices from Plumbing World (and other suppliers) and import them into SoEasy.


(1) To match up Plumbing World's invoices with SoEasy's Invoices, you must use the SoEasy Invoice Number as the Order Number.

(2) It is also a good idea to have Plumbing World's product register imported into SoEasy so that billed items match up to the items in your Products Register.

1. Save the Plumbing World file to the c:\BANK directory on your local computer

2. The file name must be PWINV.DAT

3. Go into SoEasy > Platform > Debtors

4. Select 'Import'

5. The Import Invoices screen will appear

(1) The function that imports the invoices

During the import, the Plumbing World Creditor will be updated with each imported invoices detail

(2) Once imported, you can view the invoices

(3) Allocate Invoices against jobs is where you can select which items to bill against a SoEasy Invoice. (The invoice matchup will only occur if you use the SoEasy Invoice Number as the Order Number

(4) During Allocation you can decide to 'Hold an Invoice' so you can process it later. Use 'View Held Invoices' screen to see which invoices have been held.


1. Save the file PWINV.DAT to the C:\BANK directory on your local PC. You may need to rename the file from Plumbing World

2. Select 'Select to Import Invoices' and follow the procedure

(1) Change the sort order that you can scroll through the invoices (See 6 for scroll functions)

(2) If you use SoEasy's invoice number as the Order Number, the Plumbing World Invoices will match up with SoEasy's Invoices

(3) During the Import, Plumbing Worlds Invoices will automatically make an entry into the Creditors Ledger

(4) If you want to start again, you can delete the imported invoices. This will not affect the entries you have already processed

(5) You can filter the invoice display

(6) Standard scroll functions

3. Once viewed, exit this screen and then go into "Allocate Invoices Against jobs"

(1) You can change which SoEasy Invoice to bill the Plumbing World Invoice against

(2) Place the invoice 'On Hold' to process the invoice later

(3) Tag the item to be billed against the SoEasy invoice

(4) Select to bill all the items tagged

(5) Once you have finished with the Plumbing World invoice, select 'Completed'

(6) you can scroll through invoices


Note: Your main task is to bill the items against the customer's invoice. Once completed, the system hides the completed invoice. You could review the hidden invoices by removing the screen filter

To reestablish the filter, exit the screen and then return.


You can edit an item by simply clicking on it.