Life happens and with it can come chaos.

Chaos is the point at which the normal functioning of a business is interrupted by an extraordinary event.

This includes but is not exclusive to:

  1. Staff resignation
  2. Separation
  3. Divorce
  4. Passing
  5. Flooding
  6. Earthquake
  7. The sale of a business to a new owner
  8. Progressive dementia where people were once fluent in managing their business but have degraded and administration has become messy

The issues are frequently:

  • IRD not paid for months
  • Cash Book not up-to-date
  • Debtors ledger is a mess
  • Creditors ledger is a mess
  • Product register is a mess
  • Paperwork is not managed
  • How to make the most of the digital assets purchased?

Our support desk is frequently engaged in helping people resolve these issues but time is required, and sometimes with multiple entities, and our normal support pricing will not work.

To provide a suitable support service we provide the following program:

Chaos Support Service

  1. We set a 5 hour support program in place at a cost of $120 + gst per hour (payable in advance)
  2. This provides 5 hours of time credit on our support platform
  3. All support is timed and deducted off the credit
  4. When remaining support credit reduces to 30 minutes we bill a further segment of time based on an estimate of time required
  5. At the end of the support period, any unused potion of credit is refunded


Q: Can we just look through the support pages and work it out ourselves?

A: Yes but experience shows us that it is never as simple as this. Our support staff will guide you through the process of resolving each situation and point you in the right direction. You will be provided targeted reading and once read, the support person will work through the topic until a satisfactory conclusion and knowledge is attained

Q: Can a new person be given access to the system?

A: Yes. This will require set up and additional user licence fee of $39.95 + gst per month

Q: We have a new person who can use other programs. They should be able to use yours?

A: True but there are a lot of features inside SoEasy and the new user is under pressure to establish solutions fast. 

Better that they gain the correct methods of resolving situations than be left to a 'trial and error' approach.

In a lot of cases the SoEasy support person has a huge amount of resources available to them that everyday users do not have. What we can do in a few minutes would take new entrants many hours/days to achieve.


We call it Chaos because for a time it is. With our help that time can be reduced significantly and with the allocation of time, we can plan a suitable path to make things better for everyone.

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