These are the important email settings:

The Staff Section

When you go into the "Staff" screen you can setup the 'Accounts' email address.    

CC all Invoices and Credit Notes to Accounts

Select this option and irrespective of the person the invoice is being sent to, accounts will receive a copy of the invoice.


If the Accounts Department person and email is setup, the Statement send will default to sending the Statement to them.

Example Setup

Invoices are to go to the person placing an order as well as a copy going to accounts.

Statement's are to go to accounts only.


a) Add all the important staff to the 'Staff' section

b) Be sure to add the accounts department details and tick 'CC all Invoices and Credit Notes to Accounts'

c) When sending an invoice, choose who is to receive the invoice

d) The statement is automatically going to go to accounts