If you are using SoEasy's Managed Server Services you can work from home very easily.

Step 1: The Remote Application File

1. Contact support and ask for your Remote Application File.

SoEasy support will email you this special file which is a 'Remote Application' file.

2. Save it to your Desktop but don't open it yet. This is done in Step 4 below

Step 2: Printer Server Software

To print from SoEasy you will need to install TSPrint.

3. Click on this link and install the TSPrint client


Step 3: Bank Directory

To download SoEasy files to your computer you will need to set up the BANK directory

4. Set up the C:\BANK directory on your PC

Step 4: Username and Password

Support will have sent you your user name and password

5. Double click the Remote Application file (See Step 1 above)
and enter your user name and password

6. If given the option, save the password

========= Task Complete ===================================

If you need support

1. Stop any current instances of Teamviewer

2. Click this link to install Teamviewer 9 quick support: https://download.teamviewer.com/download/version_9x/TeamViewerQS.exe

3. Let support know your ID and Password