If you want to send an email to all of your customers it is important to build the project:

1. Make sure you have an 'Unsubscribe Message'

Cash Book > Setup > Email Settings

2. Select 'Email System Setup"

Note: At this screen you can also Test the email system. Worthwhile doing so before sending a large number of emails.

3. Add/Edit the unsubscribe message to suit


UNSUBSCRIBE: You are listed in our database as a party who is interested in our products and services.If you do not wish to receive further emails from us please reply to this email with the subject 'PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE'

4. Go to Platform > Document Despatch

Notice that in this area you can see all emails previously sent.

Of particular interest are the sections of 'Templates" and "Run Campaign"

5. Templates

You need to create the message you would like to send. Go to 'Templates' and either edit an existing template to use with your mailout or create a new one.

Note you do not need to put the salutation line or 'sent from' details as this will be calculated for you.

6. Run Campaign

a) Select the 'Run Campaign' tab

b) There are Three Steps to process

STEP 1: Choose the contacts to contact.

'Value of Sales This Year' is a good option as it will only profile current active customers.

If using this option, you may like to recalculate the sales values this year just incase (as above).

Database > Menu 4. Utilities > Special Utilities > Recalculate Years Sales Values

Be careful about the number of emails you are sending. 500 > 3,000 should not be a problem.

If in doubt please contact us.

STEP 2: Select the Template to Send

STEP 3: Send Marketing

Task Complete :)