Customer Requests for Modifications

  1. SELF MANAGE: The ability of the user to print daily timesheets and submit them for payment, rather than an admin person carrying out this role have the user self manage their own timesheets.

  2. CUSTOM ALLOCATIONS: The ability to be able to turn on and off allocations on a users timesheet. Not all users have the same roles and therefore they don't need to see all the possible Admin users will only see "ADMIN"+"TRAINING"+"TEA BREAK" and nothing else.

  3. MULTI-USER FUNCTION: The ability to allocate more than one user at a time to a JOB or STATUS at the same time.

  4. PERFORMANCE REPORTS: The ability to be able to display to the user visually there current performance and let them know areas they are strong in or need to improve in, rather than just presenting the user with tables and figures.

  5. STANDARD PRODUCT TIMES: When you load a PRODUCT it would be valuable to be able to load a standard production time against the PRODUCT. So when you quote a job or create a job card with PRODUCTS you would also start allocating time to complete the job.

  6. Have the ability to be able to allocate people based on STATUS parts of the job to complete. You can allocate set amounts of time per STATUS to a user to record their time. Rather than at the moment it's harder to define who worked on the job at what STATUS.