In the image below, there are two payments to be allocated against the same invoice. Here is how to do it:

  1. You can only process ONE receipt at a time. Select the first receipt.
    You can tell a receipt because it sits as a value in the red 'CR' column.

  2. Next select the Invoice/s you want to allocate the receipt to.
    In this example, because the invoice amount is greater than the receipt, the system will automatically adjust the allocation to the value of the receipt.

  3. And because the balance to allocate is now $0, you will be prompted to Post the Allocation.

  4. If you wanted to check your work, select 'No' in the dialog above.
    To complete the allocation, select the "Post Allocation" button.

  5. You will automatically be taken out of the 'Allocation Screen'.
    To allocate the second receipt, you will need to select the 'Tag Receipts' button again.

  6. Sometimes the 'Approved Amount' needs to be cleared.

  7. To process the second receipt, select the credit, then the debits, and then the 'Post Allocation' button.

  8. You can always edit an amount by clicking on it a second time.

  9. To review or unwind an allocation, visit the 'Payment History' screen

  10. Engage your Super Powers!