This help note will detail how to perform your end of year rollover for 2023.


  1. Reorganise your files
  2. Check for incorrect GST entries
  3. Test your cash book data entries
  4. Check your bank account closing balances, Reconcile
  5. Perform your EOM procedures for debtors and creditors
  6. StockTake
  7. Print your eoy reports
  8. Rollover your accounts


It is worthwhile booking an hour or so with us to review your accounts. You perform end of year once a year where as we perform them many times and know exactly what to look for to:

  1. Improve your reports
  2. Reduce your tax (in some cases)
  3. Simplify your return for your accountant which saves you money with your accountant
  4. Receive reports that you may not actually produce yourself but which are valuable in understanding your business performance

To book simply email us at '' and ask for our EOY Assistance



1: Reorganise your files

We may have already reorganised your files so just check the date of last reorganisation at the Front Company Menu

If we haven't, at the 'Front Company Menu' select the Tab 'Speed Files'

The select 'Run Speed Files'

If you have multiple organisations you can reorganise all at the same time:

2: Check for Incorrect GST Entries

3: Test Data
Go to Cash Book > Setup

Run the three tests

If any of the tests fail, please let know and they will assist.

4: Reconcile

Reconcile your Bank Accounts with your Bank Statement by going into Cash Book >

Select each bank account and compare the closing balance with the bank's statement.

Note: If it doesn't reconcile the easiest way to resolve this is to:

a) Go back a month and compare the bank's closing statement balance with SoEasy's until you find the month where everything balances

b) Then either print off the statements and compare values or the faster method is to use the 'Import Wizard' and use the 'Recon Wizard'

5: EOM Procedures

Go to Platform and process the End of Month procedures for both Debtors and Creditors

6: Stock Take

If you have stock you will need to produce a stock take to value your stock.

Choose a stock take method and process

When complete, export your stock take to a spreadsheet and save it. Your accountant only requires the value of your stock.

7: Produce Reports

To produce the reports, select the "End of Year is XXX days overdue' message at the Cash Book Main Menu

Select 'Reporting' and 'Produce Report'

8: Rollover Your Accounts

Go to the Cash Book > NEW EOY

The only functions that will work for you will be the 'Rollover' tab.


At the end of this procedure, Exit SoEasy (if it didn't already do that) and reorganise your files.

Don't Worry

You can always review your previous years accounts.

Go to The Front Company Menu and select 'Previous Years'

If in any doubt, contact and they will respond quickly and can offer a great deal of help.