The Allocation of customer receipts is designed specifically to enable:

a) The reporting of how one receipt was allocated

b) Allow the unwind of an allocation

So therefore you cannot allocate more than one receipt at a time else you cannot unwind one receipt.

The process of allocating one receipt at a time is straightforward and to help us explain the process here is an example.

Here is a customers account

In this case 

a) All the entries are journal entries

b) There are two Credit entries (Receipts) that amount to the full account balance.

STEP 1: Go to the 'Tag Receipt' screen

The trick is to follow a suitably logical process for you.

1: Select a receipt. In this case we selected the largest amount but you can select any amount

STEP 2: Select the items you want to allocate the receipt against

Below we have sequentially selected $100, $300, and $200 but on selecting $200, because the Payment amount has already been selected at the first step, the system know what the allocation target is and tells you what it can allocate.

If you don't select the Payment first the system does not know the target and will allow you to keep selecting items to allocate to. So it is always a best practice to select the Payment first.

STEP 3: Process the Allocation

STEP 4: You will be returned to the 'Current' screen

In our example there are now two remaining allocations.

Select 'Tag Receipts' and proceed as per last time.

Best practice is to select the 'Payment' first as this adds an automatic help process when the values to allocate match.

STEP 5: Task Complete

Once you process the allocation you will be returned to the 'Current' screen

In this case the balance is zero and there are no more allocations to make.

To view how payments were allocated, go to the 'Payment History' screen.


In the Payment History screen you can view, report and unallocate a payment allocation.

For this exercise we unallocated both payment allocations

And on exiting this screen you can see we have all transactions available to allocate again.

We are going to show you the alternative method where you do not select the payment first.

STEP 1: Go to the 'Tag Receipts' screen and using any method, 
select the invoices you want to allocate the payment to.

The payment we want to allocate these invoices to is only $550 so there will be an issue. It is easy to fix.

1. Select the payment

2. Select one of the invoices and reduce the allocation to the amount available. Sometimes it is best to just zero the allocation and re-select it as this will automatically calculate how much can be allocated.

STEP 2: 'Post the Allocation' when the Balance is Zero.

STEP 3: Come back into "Tag Receipts" to allocate the final Payment


So the rule is that if you ever want to unallocate a Payment Allocation, you can only allocate one payment at a time.

To do so simply process as per this instruction.