SoEasy is deployed with 4 standard bank accounts and additional bank accounts can be added at any time.

Take Note:

1: Every bank account is an individual set of records that require time to manage. 

In addition, every bank account may create additional cost with your accountant as they will also have to review them.

Keeping your bank accounts to a minimum is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

2: Some businesses use multiple bank accounts to repeatedly transfer money between. 

This is easily done but can create a problem later on down the track when you are reviewing transactions.

Make sure to keep transaction descriptions clean and detailed:

Example: A description of "Transfer from MAIN BANK to INVESTMENT" will help someone else reading your accounts to understand the transaction whereas "CR 00-78986665-002 - 00-98456834-003" could be confusing.

Standard Bank Accounts

Main BankA-MBThe Main Bank should be used for daily trading activities.
Second BankA-SBA second bank used similarly to the Main Bank.
Investment BankA-IBSavings Account. Suggested use includes filtering away amounts for the IRD.
Cash on HandA-CAny cash or cheques you receive will end up here. The Cash on Hand account is used as a holding account for money that has not immediately transferred into your bank accounts.

Location of the Accounts Record

Bank Accounts are part of the Chart of Accounts.

Editing the Bank Account Name

The Bank Account Abbreviation is fixed but you can change the name of the account:

1. Click on the Account

2. Change the name

Adding a Bank Account

To add a bank account:

1. Go to the Chart of Accounts (As above)

2. Select 'Add New Account'

3. Set up the details and be sure to select that it is a bank account