SoEasy My Mechanic has a Vehicle Register.

Using the search method above, you can find a vehicle by selecting a heading and searching for the value you want.

In the example above we have selected the 'Rego' heading, then the '?', and then loaded the registration number into the search dialog.

Clicking on the vehicle allows you to edit the vehicle's details and pull up a history report.

The History Report is also available at the Invoice screen:

How Do I Add A Vehicle Into the Register?

We can import vehicles from a file or you can add a vehicle in one of two ways:

Method 1: By looking up the contact in the database and selecting the 'Vehicles' tab.

Method 2: By creating a new Invoice

1. When you select 'New Customer Job' or 'Existing Customer' options

2. The normal process would be to look for the vehicle. If you could not find it, your would need to either:

3. Select, 'Add a vehicle to an Existing Customer' or 'Add a New Customer and Vehicle'

The vehicle must be in the vehicle register before you can create an invoice for it.

Once a vehicle has been allocated during the invoice header creation process, editing the header does NOT update the vehicle register. 

To edit the vehicle details, you must locate the vehicle either through the Vehicle Register or the Database.

Changing Ownership

To change vehicle ownership: