If you create a lot dissections there may be a better way.

Typically a dissected transaction may have 2 to 6 different accounts used but it you are creating more dissections than this, it may be a good idea to rethink the issue. We notice users creating dissections to recover their business spending on their personal credit card. The dissection is created as the administrator pays the personal credit card balance with a payment from the company bank account.

Instead of using a dissection, you may find it better to:

1: Create a new bank account called "MY MONEY ACCOUNT (MMA)"

2: Load each business related expense paid with by personal money/credit card against the MMA < bank account

3: When paying the personal credit card with company funds, pay it as a transfer from the company account to the MMA

This practice enables you to easily manage business related personal loans to the company and reduces/eliminates the need to dissect large transactions.