Support Services are Our Top Commercial Activity

Soeasy Support Services are an essential element of maintaining your business operation. If you come into the office on Monday morning and your systems do not work, you have a real problem and we recognise this by providing a 24/7 support desk with suitably qualified and trained staff to quickly respond to your needs. 

If you are on a support contract and you need support, we are available to help you. You are a priority customer with a priority response time of between 5 and 30 minutes.

If you prefer a casual contract then the support cost is higher and response times can be slower based on servicing support contract customers first.

We Provide Four Support Tiers:

Tier 1: Support of your SoEasy software on our Managed Servers

Tier 2: Support of a locally installed version of SoEasy (installed on your computer's and local network)

Tier 3: Non Support Contract Customer

Tier 4: Paid for Services

Local Support v's Managed Server Services

Managed Server Services is where we take your SoEasy software and data, and host it on our managed Servers. Its a very fast and reliable service and is the cheaper offering.

Local installation is a more expensive service because it uses more support time and is more demanding. We no longer believe that locally installed software is a benefit to our customers.

Click here to find out why we think this way, 

Support Contract Coverage For All Support Packages

The following services are covered with your support contract:

  1. Training: Our support portal provide training resources that you can use to run in-house training
  2. Topic Specific Support: Brows the 'Solutions' pages
  3. General help : If the solution is not on our portal, we will create the solution
  4. Updates
    1. We provide regular updates for the SoEasy Modules you have purchased. 
    2. If not on a support contract, the yearly update is a paid service

Additional Support Included In Managed Server Services

  1. Daily Backup of Data
  2. Automatic Software Updates
  3. 24/7 monitoring of your Software
  4. Firewall and security
  5. High Speed Secure Server Solution

Support Services Available as a Paid Service

To help keep essential services costs down and our support prices low, not all support services are covered in the contract.

These services are not covered in a support contract:

  1. Set up assistance
  2. Personal training
  3. Assistance to reconcile transactions or resolve accounting issues
  4. Printer and Email setup
  5. Transfer of SoEasy to another PC
  6. The sale of your Business
  7. Development


Please enquire to support for the current costs.


You may cancel your support contract on the following basis:

1. You provide 1 months written notice

2. Any existing invoices are paid

3. If existing invoices are not paid for any reason, administration expenses are still accrued until payment has been made in full.

4. If on Managed Server Services, we can transfer your program and data to a suitable computer system at the normal charge rate

5. If after conclusion of a support contract, and you require support, standard support fees apply.

OTHER SERVICES: Software Development