When we receive any support request, we treat the matter very seriously and look at the reason for the request so that we may eliminate it or identify it as a required customer service.

The issues fall into the following categories:

  • Syntax Fault: This fault is caused by an error in the coding of SoEasy. We trace it, resolve, and release an update usually on the same day

  • Operating System Fault: SoEasy's code runs on top of your computer's operating system (OS) and sometimes there can be a problem in the OS that causes SoEasy to crash. We can take a look and usually identify the issue. It is up to your IT Services to resolve the issue or sometimes our help desk will fix the issue at a small charge*

  • User Internet Issue: The users Internet service can be compromised by a variety of things. SoEasy requires a unhindered Internet Channel to operate effectively. If a user has high Internet traffic because of program updates or activity it can affect the performance of SoEasy.

  • Printer Issue: Your doing a print run of a 100 statements and suddenly your printer crashes. This is not a fault of SoEasy but our support desk can help you resolve it. If the actual printer issue is not resolved then the problem may/will occur again. Problems like this can become quite confusing to customers because from a customer's point of view, the problem occured when they ran a procedure inside SoEasy and our help desk did assist in the fix so it must be a SoEasy fault? This is not the case but support will assist you to resolve the 'non SoEasy' issue.

  • Training: There is a lot to know about administration and how SoEasy can be used to manage/resolve a circumstance. When a user asks a question, we review the situation and either write a help subject, log on with the user and review the case with them, or re-write a section of SoEasy to eliminate the question altogether.

  • Functionality Issue: How SoEasy processes a routine can be questioned by a user. The user may believe that the function is incorrect or that it is not up to the standard that the user would like. We are always interested in receiving a clearly documented review of a function and how the user believes it should operate. We review such requests within days of receiving them and either adopt the suggestion and place it on the development list or we consider the suggestion likely to have a limited appeal to other users of that it is 'Industry Specific' and we may offer a paid modification project.

  • Reconciling Issue: Much of administration is about reconciling accounts. If a user requires assistance to reconcile a ledger we offer a paid service to assist.

  • Reporting Issue: Users require a report that we either have or do not have. If we have the report we will usually send the user a link to a support note. If the report does not exist, we ask the user to send an example layout in and we will consider it as either a development  or a paid project.

  • Processing Issue: A user executes a process, like the Statement Run or an Overdue Account Notice,  but is unhappy with the result. The resulting issue could stem from the user making an incorrect setting, setting an incorrect date, or a setting has been changed by any user that the current user is unaware of. This type of issue can be very frustrating and the user wants to get to the bottom of it. SoEasy support services can help but it is very important to realise that the user's issue was not caused by SoEasy and the user may have to 'lock' or 'train' other users or make notes to assist them next time.

  • Setting Issue: Settings can be changed in the system and a user may be unaware of changes. We never issue commands in the program to make changes to user settings. These are all controlled by the user. You can invoke security (users have to log on to the system) and bar users from being able to make changes to the system.

  • Email Issue: Emailing is a complex issue as there are many organisations involved in the processing of an email.
    The common emailing issues are described here with suggested solutions
    Issues include:
    • Email addresses, passwords, settings have changed but not updated on SoEasy
    • Internet security procedures have not been configured with ISP's or Domain Services (example SPF records)
    • Receiver's settings have blocked the receipt of an email
    • Users wondering if an email has been sent

  • Setup Issue: See Training


To assist us in managing ongoing support, as at May 2018, all support enquiries will receive a final summary of the issue so that all parties know how the issue has originated and how it has been processed.

The format of response is similar to:


DATE: 1/4/2018 13:00 hrs

RESPONSE: 1/4/2018 13:20 hrs



RESOLUTION: Advised user to invoke security settings on SoEasy and deny access to general users from the settings area


DATE: 2/4/2018 15:00 hrs

RESPONSE: 2/4/2018 16:15 hrs



RESOLUTION: Test email addresses for invalid text such as *(-+


DATE: 3/4/2018 9:00 hrs

RESPONSE: 3/4/2018 9:15 hrs

ISSUE CLASSIFICATION: Program not responding


RESOLUTION: Reboot router 1 x per month