For many years SoEasy was a locally installed program on your computer.

From 2010 onwards we started to develop Managed Server Services where we took your software and data, and installed it into the cloud onto one of industrial grade, high performance servers running Windows Server software. You still owned the software and your data but we were able to maintain the computer your software was run on. It made a big difference and as the years progressed, we started to realise, locally installed software is a liability for everyone.

Running SoEasy Locally on Your Computers

Customers like the idea of having their software loaded locally because it makes them feel like they are in control of the situation. Our experience of managing 1,000's of support cases leads us to have a different opinion of this.

  1. The support requirement of SoEasy installed on users' own computers  was significantly higher than that of our Managed Server Services.

  2. This was due to the fact that our Managed Services hardware and operating systems are supported and maintained 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by qualified technicians whereas customer's local computers are not as well maintained and have daily impacts of operating system updates, new software installation, antivirus issues, malware issues, cryptovirus issues and hardware failure issues. Invariably our support desk is contacted to help resolve whatever the problem may be and most of the time it is not a SoEasy issue and is always critical.

  3. Users tend to change their computers and need help to transfer software, maintain network connections, and manage printers.
    With Managed Server Services we simply send an email with a link to the new PC and it all sets up by itself.

  4. Users security is also questionable with their own computer installations where as our Managed Server Services have very high levels of security that safeguard your valuable business data. We have attended many cases where a customer's system has been infected with a virus or crypto locking software and basically we could do nothing to help them other than to wait for the rebuild of their computers and re-install software and old backups that are out of date.

  5. Users would also have questionable backup procedures and many times, if a full system recovery was required, users would not have a recent backup. Our Managed Server Services back up your data for you every day.

As a result of end user system malfunctions our support services would have a lot of work and have to operate like a fire department operating 24/7 constantly putting out fires. 

It was a very expensive business and support costs would have to be recovered from users and the costs increase yearly.

A single technician had to be expert in SoEasy, General Accounting Practices, and also be a trained computer hardware and software technician.
Not a easy task finding someone like that and they would be expensive to recruit, train and maintain.

We would have to sell support contracts at $50 per month to 100 sites just to cover the staff costs of one 8 hour a day, 5 days a week technician. 

We needed 6 staff to just support local installations of software. That is a wage bill of over $300,000 p.a. (600 site contracts) and this was without profit (the main intention of being in business).

When you consider these factors, it is difficult to imagine how any software company is able to support local installations of software as it is a very time consuming and expensive business.

All of this changed when we move to Managed Server Services because we now had full control of the hardware and operating system that our software was running on

Benefits of Managed Server Services

  1. You still own your software if you purchase it from us (in accordance with the software licencing agreement)
  2. Your data is backed up for you
  3. Updates are done for you so you always have the latest SoEasy version available
  4. In most cases, the system is faster than if you were to install it locally on your computers
  5. Your software installation reports directly to support should and should there be an issue we have usually resolved the problem before you even knew there was one
  6. You can connect to your program from anywhere
  7. New modules are being released in 2018 that bring SoEasy to your phone/tablet/MAC/Windows/Linux/Android operating system and Smart Television
  8. SoEasy will run on any Internet Connected computer
  9. You can create remote workers who work from different locations
  10. The actual cost of Managed Server Services are actually less that the support costs of locally installed software.

There are still costs that we have to recover such as:

  1. Server purchasing and hardware improvements
  2. Server management and support costs
  3. Windows licencing costs
  4. Ongoing costs for development of SoEasy

    This is a service we provide that takes the stress from you and ensures that your system is well maintained. Our fees are very affordable and instead of having costs go on support technicians, we now have budgets for software development and so our product grows daily, and so do the features that help you run your business better.

So if you are thinking that you prefer to have software installed on your own local computer, you can now understand why we advise you to reconsider the idea.

Managed Server Services are beneficial for everyone.