When you are in the customer's 'Receipts' screen you can see 4 aging fields that SoEasy manages.

This is a screen shot of the aging fields of an account that has an issue with the aging.

At the Ages screen you can see how each entry should be aged.

To resolve the problem simply edit the age field to the correct amount.

Why Does the Issue Occur?

If you have made a mistake in allocating payments to a client's account and you have to unwind an allocation, the aging of the client's account can be compromised.

So if you have to edit a customer's account, as a final process, check the aging.

Editing a Customer's Account

The real skill is making sure that your work is accurate first time so you do not need to edit an account.

If you find that you are always having to edit accounts then it is worthwhile rationalising why it is happening?

Here are some helpful hints:

A) The payment is exactly the same as one invoice in the customer's account.

Allocate the payment and be careful to choose the correct invoice in the allocation process.

B) The payment is for multiple invoices

There are two scenarios here:

i. The customer has supplied a remittance

1. Go to the 'Tag Receipts' screen.

2. Work through the 'Approved Amt' column and at first, approve the payment/credit note.

3. Then approve the invoices you want to allocate to the payment by clicking on them.

4. At the bottom of the screen there is a balance showing. Use this to guide you through the allocation process.

5. Once allocated, select the 'Receive Approved Payments' and exit the screen by using the 'Return' button.

6. Perform one payment/credit allocation at a time. If there is another allocation to make for the customer, exit this screen and come back into 'Tag Receipts' as this method refreshes the procedure.

ii. The customer has not supplied a remittance

1. Go to the "Ages" screen and see if the amount they have paid equates to a specific aged amount. 

2. If so use the Tag Receipts Screen as above.

3. If not, you may like to save yourself a lot of problems by contacting the customer and asking them which invoices they would like to payment allocating against?

In our experience, if you take it upon yourself to allocate the payment without the customer's record, you may find yourself constantly in contact with the customer and resolving their complaint about your allocations.

In this case you may find yourself also needing to resolve the Aging issue.